California brick

California Brickmakers

This is a compilation of past and present brickmakers in California. Brickmakers are listed under the county of their manufacturing plant location. The brick must be available for study in order to be included in this list. Historically, there were over 1,000 known brickmakers in California, but bricks from less than 30 percent of them have survived. I am in the process of identifying and documenting the survived bricks that can be traced to the makers. This work, as far as I know, has not been done for California bricks, which is the reason so little is known about them as historic artifacts.

The purpose here is to provide an informational guide to help historical archaeologists identify unknown bricks and point to possible brickmakers. Once identified, bricks can be useful for describing the nature of the structure and dating the building site. Bricks found at archaeological or historical sites will commonly be unmarked and provide only a physical description of the brick, such as its color, texture, materials, size, shape, and manufacturing process. By comparing these characteristics with those of known bricks, it is possible to identify the brickmaker.

The information is presented by counties because most bricks are not transported over long distances from their manufacturing sites due to high transportation costs. Therefore a common rule is that most bricks will be found within the county or adjacent counties of the originating brickyard, unless stated otherwise in the descriptions. When using this guide for identifying unknown bricks, keep in mind that for each area only a small percentage of the total number of brickmakers is represented here and unless you have an exact match, the maker of your brick may remain unknown. As this is a work-in-progress, the information presented here is not final and may change with further research. I welcome additional information or brick samples.

For each brickmaker, I provide a brief history, with pictures and description of the brick. The unlinked brickmakers in the list are currently being researched and will appear in the near future. - Dan L. Mosier

Alameda County

Black and Cory Brickyard, Pleasanton

California Brick Company, Decoto and Niles

California Pressed Brick Company, Niles

N. Clark and Sons, Alameda

Michael Connelly, Mission San Jose

W. S. Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company, Decoto and Niles

W. S. Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company Plant No. 19, Livermore

Alexander Esdon, Livermore

Gladding, McBean & Company, Livermore

James and John Hagan, Centerville

Harbison-Walker Refractories Company, Warm Springs

Kraftile Company, Niles

Laclede-Christy Clay Products Company, Warm Springs

E. J. Lavino and Company, Newark

Livermore Fire Brick Company, Livermore

Livermore Fire Brick Works, Livermore

Merrill and Black Brickyard, Pleasanton

Miner, James O., San Antonio

Oakland Brick Company, Hayward

Oakland Paving Brick Company, Decoto and Niles

Pleasanton Brick Company, Pleasanton

Remillard and Brothers, Oakland-Brooklyn yards

Remillard Brick Company, Pleasanton yard

Romby's Brickyard, Brickyard Slough, Oakland

Rose Fire Brick Company, Oakland

Stockton Fire Brick Company, Livermore

Thurston, Worth & Sperry, Pleasanton

Walker Brickyard, Hayward

Amador County

Harbison-Walker Refractories Company, Ione

Ione Fire Brick Company, Ione

Richard Webb, Pine Grove

Western Refractories Company, Ione

Contra Costa County

Albion Pottery, Antioch

Allied Unions Brick Company, Richmond

Antioch Pottery Company, Antioch

California Brick & Clay Manufacturing Company, Antioch

Carquinez Brick and Tile Company, Eckley

Central Brick Company, Richmond

Coast Firebrick Company, Richmond

Diamond Brick Company, Pittsburg

Gerlach Brick Company, El Cerrito

Gerlach-Richmond Clay Products Company, El Cerrito

Gladding, McBean & Company, Pittsburg

Golden Gate Brick Company, Antioch

Great Western Brick Company, Richmond

Holland Sandstone Brick Company, Antioch

International Pipe and Ceramics Corporation (INTERPACE), Pittsburg

Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, Richmond

McMaster & Barker, Antioch

Mt. Diablo Sewer Pipe & Paving Brick Company, Antioch

North American Refractories Company, Pittsburg

Pierce and Wood, Rancho Los Meganos

Port Costa Brick Company, Port Costa

Port Costa Clay Products Company, Port Costa

Port Costa Materials, Inc., Port Costa

Remillard Brick Company, Potrero Yard, Richmond

Richmond Brick Company, Richmond

Richmond Pressed Brick Company, Richmond

Selby Smelting and Lead Company, Tormey

Stockton Fire Brick Company, Pittsburg

United Materials and Richmond Brick Company, Richmond

Wilson, Lyon Construction Company, Richmond

El Dorado County

Milton R. Elstner, Placerville

Orville Bruce Herrick, Placerville

Fresno County

William M. Betteridge, Fresno

C.J. Craycroft, Fresno

C.J. Craycroft and Sons Brick Company, Fresno

Craycroft-Herrold Brick Company, Fresno

Craycroft Brick Company, Fresno

Fresno Brick and Tile Company East Yard, Fresno

Fresno Brick and Tile Company North Yard, Fresno

Pioneer Brick and Tile Company, Fresno

Prescott Brick and Lumber Company, Fresno

Joseph Spinney, Fresno

Humboldt County

Amos Clark, Eureka

Orin T. Crowe, Eureka

S.S. Crowe, Eureka

Elzie Daily, Arcata

John B. Depuy, Eureka

Eureka Brick and Tile Company, Eureka

John B. Hill, Eureka

John E. Hill, Eureka

Hindley Clay Products, Eureka

Humboldt Clay Manufacturing Company, Eureka

Jesse N. Lentell, Eureka

J. D. Thompson Brick Company, Eureka

Thompson Brickyard, Fortuna

Thompson Brick and Tile Company, Eureka

Tracy Brickyard, Arcata

Peter Tracy, Eureka

Imperial County

Imperial Brick and Material Company, Imperial

Simons Brick Company, Plant Number 5, El Centro

Kern County

Bakersfield Sandstone Brick Company, Bakersfield

Kern County Brick Company, Bakersfield

King Lumber Company, Bakersfield

Kings County

Frank Sharples, Hanford

Los Angeles County

Acme Brick Company, Santa Monica

American Refractories Company, Los Angeles

Atkinson Brick Company, Los Angeles

Atlas Fire Brick Company, Vernon

Bel-Air Brick Company, Santa Monica

Berg and Oxby, Los Angeles

Juan Bernard, Los Angeles

Builders Brick Company, Gardena

California Brick and Tile Company, Van Nuys

California Enamel Brick Company, Inglewood

California Clay Manufacturing Company, Vernon

California Sewer Pipe Company, Vernon

Capitol Steam Brick Works, Los Angeles

Castaic Brick Company, Castaic

City Brick Company (Buena Vista Street plant), Los Angeles

City Brick Company (Chavez Ravine plant), Los Angeles

City Brick Company (Manchester Ave. plant), Los Angeles

City Brick Company (Mission Road plant), Los Angeles

Coast Brick Company, Torrance

Consolidated Brick and Tile Company, Santa Monica

Continuous Brick Kiln Company of Inglewood, Inglewood

Davidson Brick Company, Monterey Park

Douglass Clay Product Company, Los Angeles

Emsco Refractories Company, Southgate, Los Angeles

Garvanza Brick Company, Garvanza

General Refractories Company, Vernon

Gladding, McBean and Company, Los Angeles

Gladding, McBean and Company, Santa Monica

Thomas Goss, Los Angeles

Joseph C. Hadacheck, Los Angeles

Higgins Brick and Tile Company, Monterey Park

Higgins Brick and Tile Company, Santa Monica

Higgins Brick and Tile Company, Torrance

Jesse D. Hunter, Los Angeles

Independent Brick Company, Inglewood

Inglewood Brick and Tile Company, Inglewood

Henry C. Jensen, Los Angeles

Thomas F. Joyce, Los Angeles

K & K Brick Company, Los Angeles

Long Beach Brick Company, Harbor City

Long Beach Brick Company, 7th Street Yard, Long Beach

Long Beach Brick Company, Elm Avenue Yard, Long Beach

Long Beach Brick Works, 14th Street Yard, Long Beach

Los Angeles Brick Company Plant No. 1, Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Brick Company Plant No. 2, East Seventh Street, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Brick Company Plant No. 3, Mission Road, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Brick Company Plant No. 5, Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Brick Company Plant No. 6, Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Paving Brick Company, Montebello

Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, Los Angeles yards

Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, Santa Monica yard

Los Angeles Stoneware and Sewer Pipe Company, Los Angeles

Lynn Brick Company, Harbor City

Metallic Brick Company, Los Angeles

Mission Brick Company, Van Nuys

Moneta Brick Company, Moneta

Mulford-Burke Brick Company, Los Angeles

Mulford Vitrified Brick Company, Los Angeles

Mulford Vitrified Brick Company, Montebello

Joseph Mullally, Los Angeles

Pacific Brick Company, Pasadena

Pacific Brick Company, Santa Monica

Pacific Clay Products, Inc., Lincoln Heights plant, Los Angeles

Pacific Sewer Pipe Company, Plant Number 4, Lincoln Heights plant, Los Angeles

Celeste V. Paye, Los Angeles

Pioneer Brick Manufacturing Company, Los Angeles

Pomona Brick Company, Pomona

Refractories Corporation, Vernon

Santa Monica Brick Company, Santa Monica

Simons Brick Company, Plant Number 1, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

Simons Brick Company, Plant Number 2, Inglewood

Simons Brick Company, Plant Number 6, Montebello

Simons Brick Company, Pasadena plant, Pasadena

Simons Brick Company, Plant Number 4, Santa Monica

Simons Brick Company, Plant Number 3, Simons

Spencer & Pugh, Santa Monica

Southwestern Brick Company, Long Beach

St. Louis Fire Brick and Clay Company, Los Angeles

St. Louis Fire Brick and Insulation Company, Huntington Park

Standard Brick Company, Boyle Heights Yard, Los Angeles

Standard Brick Company, Inglewood Yard, Inglewood

Star Brick and Tile Company, Moneta

Sunset Brick and Tile Company, Santa Monica

Tapper Brick Company, Monterey Park

Torrance Brick Company, Monterey Park

Torrance Brick Company, Torrance

Tropico Potteries, Inc., Glendale

Union Brick and Tile Company, Santa Monica

Vitrefrax Corporation, Los Angeles

Western Brick Company, Plant No. 3, Long Beach

Western Brick Company, Plant No. 1, Los Angeles

Western Brick Company, Plant No. 2, Santa Monica

Marin County

Henry Barker, Tiburon

Bergemann Paradise Yard, Tiburon

Thomas Biggins, Tiburon

Blumenberg's Brickyard, San Rafael

Claude Callot, Larkspur

Alexander Damon, San Rafael

Fortin Brick Company, San Rafael

John Kearney, Mill Valley

Mallon, Biggins, and Prenty, Ross Landing

L.P. McNear Brick Company, San Rafael

McNear Brick & Block, San Rafael

Patent Brick Company, San Rafael

Piper and Rice, San Rafael

Point San Pedro Brick Company, San Rafael

Peter Prenty, San Rafael

Remillard Brick Company, Greenbrae Yard

Remillard Brick Company, San Rafael Yard

San Quentin Prison Brickyard, San Quentin

The McNear Company, San Rafael

Mendocino County

Isaiah Betts, Fort Bragg

Ulysses N. Briggs, Ukiah

Mendocino State Hospital, Talmage

Merced County

California Pottery Company, Merced

William H. McElroy, Merced

Monterey County

Gallant Dickenson and Amos Lawrey, Monterey

Monterey Brick and Stone Company, Seaside

Orange County

Garber Brick and Tile Company, Olive

James L. Garnsey, Santa Ana

Charles E. Grouard, Santa Ana

Orange County Brick and Tile Company, Anaheim

J. William Sackman, Santa Ana

Placer County

Gladding, McBean & Company, Lincoln

Riverside County

Corona Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company, Corona

Davidson Brick Company, Perris

Claude P. Hancock, Riverside

C.P. Hancock and Son, Riverside

Gladding, McBean and Company, Alberhill

Liston Brick Company, Corona

Los Angeles Brick Company Plant No. 4, Alberhill

Los Angeles Brick and Clay Products Company, Alberhill

Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, Alberhill

Los Angeles Water and Sewer Pipe Company, Corona

New Davidson Brick Company, Perris

Pacific Clay Manufacturing Company, Corona

Pacific Clay Products, Inc., Alberhill

Riverside Machine Brick Company, Riverside

Southern California Water and Sewer Pipe Manufacturing Company, Corona

Sacramento County

Addington & Son, Michigan Bar

Cannon and Company, Sacramento

Samuel Carlisle, Sacramento

Diamond Brick Company, Sacramento

Patrick Harnett, Sacramento

Harvie & Kreuzberger, Sacramento

H.C. Muddox Company, Sacramento

George D. Nagle, Sacramento

Pacific Pottery, Sacramento

Petit and Queen, Sutterville

John Ryan, Sacramento

Sacramento Clay Products Company, Sacramento

Sacramento Brick Company, Riverside Plant, Sacramento

Sacramento Sandstone Brick Company, Sacramento

Sacramento Transportation Company, Sacramento

Silica Brick Company, Sacramento

John Tansman, Sacramento

George Zins, Sutterville

San Benito County

Alpine Quicksilver Mining Company, New Idria

San Bernardino County

Hancock Brick Company, Highgrove

Higgins Brick Company, Chino Hills

San Diego County

Bowman Brothers, San Diego

California Clay Products Company, National City

T. P. Converse, Ramona

Coronado Brick Company, Coronado

Day and Read, San Diego

Thomas Goss, San Diego

Hazard Products, Inc., San Diego

F. L. Hieatt Brick & Tile Company, San Diego

Robert M. Hubbard, San Diego

Jorres and Son, San Diego

Kimball's Brickyard, National City

Levi and Keener, Julian

Mission Valley Brick Company, Inc., San Diego

Mormon Battalion Brickyard, San Diego

National Brick Company, National City

Oceanside Brick and Fuel Company, Oceanside

Park Brick Yard Company, San Diego

Edumund M. Rankin, San Diego

Rankin and Llewellyn, San Diego

Reed Brick Company, National City

Reed Brothers, Bear Valley

Rose Canon Brick Company, San Diego

San Diego Brick and Tile Company, San Diego

San Diego Tile and Brick Company, San Diego

San Diego Vitrified Brick Company, National City

Southern Brick and Tile Company, Inc., San Diego

Southwestern Clay Products Company, National City

Sunnyside Brick and Tile Company, San Diego

Sweetwater Brick Company, National City

Sweetwater Brick Company, San Diego

George P. Tebbets, San Diego

Terra Cotta Tile and Brick Corporation, San Diego

Trumbower and Capron, Oceanside

Union Brick Company, San Diego

Vitrified Products Company, San Diego

Thomas Whaley, San Diego

San Francisco County

Atlas Paving Brick Company

Bay City Brick Company

Bay Shore Brick Company

Charles A. Bon

B. Bonnet

William Buckley

J. P. Glaser

Charles Morris

George D. Nagle

San Francisco Brick Company

Tuttle Brothers

San Joaquin County

Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company, Carnegie

Locke Brickyard, Lockeford

Marcus H. and William B. Merrill, Stockton

San Joaquin Brick Company, Stockton

Stockton Brick and Tile Company, Stockton

Stockton Fire and Enamel Brick Company, Stockton

Stockton Fire Brick Company, Stockton

San Luis Obispo County

N. Elliott, Paso Robles

Ah Louis, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Brick Company (Faulstich Bros.), San Luis Obispo

Jenes P. and Martien Schow, San Luis Obispo

U. S. Refractories Company, San Luis Obispo

San Mateo County

Alexander Brick and Terra Cotta Company, South San Francisco

Baden Brick Company, South San Francisco

William W. Hull, San Carlos

Hunter and Shackleford, East Palo Alto

Steiger Terra Cotta and Pottery Company, South San Francisco

Hiram W. Walker (Walker and Byrnes Brickyard), San Mateo

W. K. Wallace Brickyard, South San Francisco

Santa Barbara County

Coleman Brick & Lime Company, Santa Barbara

Grant Brick & Tile Company, Santa Barbara

Milpas Street Brick Yard, Santa Barbara

Parker Brick Company, Santa Barbara

Santa Clara County

Albert Bowman and Company, Mountain View

Davis, San Jose

Dreischmyer Brick Company, San Jose

Hobson and Company Brickyard, San Jose

Kimball Brick Company, Mountain View

William Mocker, San Jose

Mountain View Brick Yard, Mountain View

T.W. Petersen & Company, Lick Observatory

Petersen Brick Company, Mountain View

Petersen-Kartschoke, San Jose

Remillard Brick Company, San Jose yard

San Jose Brick Company, San Jose

San Jose Brick and Tile Company, San Jose

Smith and Ohm, Mountain View

Wheeland Brick Company, Mountain View

Shasta County

Holt and Gregg Lime and Brick Company, Anderson

Holt and Gregg Lime and Brick Company, Redding

Redding Brick and Tile Company, Redding

Redding Brick Company, Redding

Redding Lime and Brick Company, Redding

Redding Pressed Brick Company, Redding

Solano County

Benicia Fire Brick Company, Benicia

Patrick Dillon, Benicia

Jonathan Hanks, Vallejo

Hoffman's Brick Works, Vallejo

Houze Brick & Cement Company, Vallejo

Hydraulic Press Brick Company of California, Vallejo

Hyfire Brick Company, Vallejo

Dennis Jordan, Mare Island

McKenzie & Reid, Benicia

Pacific Brick Company, Vallejo

Pacific Clay Works, Vallejo

Press Brick & Supply Company, Vallejo

Steiger Clay Products Company, Vallejo

Steiger-Vallejo Brick Company, Vallejo

Union Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company, Vallejo

Vallejo Brick and Tile Company, Consolidated, Vallejo

Vallejo Brick and Tile Company, Vallejo

Sonoma County

Brown and Ridenhour, Hilton

Thomas B. Brown, Hilton

California Brick and Pottery Company, Glen Ellen

Hilton Brick Company, Hilton

T.J. Ludwig, Hilton

Peter Malone, Glen Ellen

A.C. Mills, Hilton

C. C. O'Donnell, Glen Ellen

Pure Clay Brick and Tile Company, Hilton

Ridenhour and Brown, Hilton

Vallejo Ranch, Sonoma

Stanislaus County

Bodem-Jensen Brick Company, Modesto

J. M. Boyd, Modesto

Noel C. Cook, Modesto

Lawrence Haddock, Modesto

Dwight W. Kane, Modesto

George W. Long, Modesto

Modesto Concrete Block and Brick Company, Modesto

Modesto Repressed Brick Company, Modesto

Hershall Preston, Modesto

Union Brick and Tile Company, Modesto

Tulare County

McKnight Fire Brick Company, Porterville

Pioneer Brick Company, Visalia

Southern Pacific Brick & Tile Company, Exeter

Ventura County

Anderson and Hardison Pressed Brick Company, Santa Paula

Herbert Alvaro Giddings, Ventura

Joehnck and Volkam, Oxnard

Santa Paula Brick and Clay Products Company, Santa Paula

Thomas Andrew Mitchell, Ventura

Oxnard Brick Yard, Oxnard

Peoples Lumber Company, Ventura

Ventura Mill and Lumber Company, Ventura

Yolo County

John Cradwick, Winters

Levi Finley Craft, Woodland

Lott Day, Cacheville

John Lang, Capay

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