WINE (front face print) ARNESON / 1969 (back face print)

marked face of the Wine brick
Photo courtesy of Mary Lipka.

Brand Name: WINE (front face print) ARNESON / 1969 (back face print)

Company: Robert Arneson, Artist

Brickyard Location: Ceramics studio in the Temporary Building No. 9, University of California, Davis, California.

Operating Years: 1962-1975

Years Brick Made: 1969

Type: Hand-pressed brick

Description: One face has the word "WINE" recessed inside a shallow round-rectangular frog. On the back face near the short edge is the artist's surname and year "ARNESON 1969" recessed in block letters.

Comments: Robert Arneson was an artist, not a brickmaker, who made bricks as an artform between 1962 and 1981. They are included here because they are real kiln-fired clay bricks that can be found and purchased. The number of WINE bricks in existence is unknown. The bricks were made in different shapes and sizes, and some were stuck in other ceramic pieces that he created, like a brick sinking on a plate. He also made bricks stamped with other names such as WATER, MILK, and OIL. The brick shown is from the collection of Mary Lipka, who was a student in Arneson's art class at U.C. Davis.

Back face of the same brick. Photo courtesy of Mary Lipka.

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