marked face of the Trojan firebrick

Brand Name: TRO JAN

Company: Gladding, McBean and Co.

Brickyard Location: Lincoln, Placer County, California

Operating Years: 1875-present

Years Brick Made: 1935-1942

Type: Firebrick

Description: Brand name is recessed within a shallow round rectangular plate. A space separates TRO from JAN.

Comments: Name "Trojan" is derived from a place once called Fort Trojan near Lincoln.

Source: California State Mining Bureau Report 12, 1893-94; California State Mining Bureau Report 15, 1917, p. 322-325; California State Mining Bureau Bulletin 99, 1928, p. 151-156; Friends of Terra Cotta, Fall 1981 newletter; Gurcke, Karl, Bricks and Brickmaking, The University of Idaho Press, 1987.

Gladding McBean and Co. yard, Lincoln
Plant of the Gladding-McBean Co., Lincoln, CA. Photo by Dan Mosier, 2001.

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