California brick

Smith and Ohm Brickyard


The Smith and Ohm Brickyard was located on the property of George Smith on the south side of the railroad between Castro and Bailey streets, Mountain View. A surficial clay deposit provided brick clay. It was reported in July 1877 that Smith had a large brick kiln, using wood for fuel. They produced 20 million bricks of various grades. Nothing more is known of this operation, which probably closed in 1878 or 1879.

Smith and Ohm Brick

The example shown is from a brick bat from the plant site. Common brick is orange-gray. Abundant visible clasts are white, gray, and red pebbles up to a 3/4 inch across in a light, porous, orange clay body. The sides are even and display no lip. The top and bottom faces are rough. Hand-molded, sand struck, soft mud process. Length unknown, width 4, height 2 1/4 inches.

Smith and Ohm common brick
Bottom face of the Smith and Ohm commom brick bat showing the
original gray surface and orange interior where worn through.

Smith and Ohm common brick
Side of the Smith and Ohm brick bat.

Smith and Ohm common brick interior
Broken interior view of the Smith and Ohm common brick
bat showing the clasts in the orange clay body.


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