S.B.Co. [CBMA logo]

Marked face of the SBCo brick
Photo courtesy of Michele Pierce.

Brand Name: S.B.Co. [CBMA logo]

Company: Sacramento Transportation Company's Riverside Brickyard (1879), Sacramento Brick Co. (1921)

Brickyard Location: 6240 Riverside Blvd., 5.5 miles SW of Sacramento, Sacramento County, CA

Operating Years: 1879-1969

Years Brick Made: 1879-1969

Type: Common brick

Description: Company's initials and the logo of CBMA are impressed within a rectangular frog.

Comments: For more information, see under "Brickmakers" the Sacramento Brick Company, Riverside Plant.

Sacramento Brick Company yard, Sacramento
View of the Sacramento Brick Company operations, 1925.
From Root, 1925.

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