[Pacific / Clay PRODUCTS / INC. circle logo]

Marked face of the Pacific Clay ADA brick
Photo courtesy of George L. Kennedy

Dome face of the Pacific Clay ADA brick

Brand Name: [Pacific / Clay PRODUCTS / INC. circle logo]

Company: Pacific Clay Products, Inc.

Brickyard Location: Alberhill, Riverside County, CA.

Operating Years: 1996-present

Years Brick Made: 1996?-present

Type: Truncated paver

Description: Company's name in capital case letters partly inside a circle logo is raised in the center of a raised waffle pattern on one face and two rows of 4 raised domes on the reverse face. Made as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to aid those who are visually impaired.

Source: George L. Kennedy, written communications, 2014; Josh Higgins, Pacific Clay Products, written communications, 2014; Pacific Clay Products,, accessed February 7, 2014.

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