Marked face of the MEXKO firebrick

Brand name: MEXKO

Company: A. P. Green Fire Brick Co.

Location: Mexico, Missouri.

Years: 1929-1942 (brick made)

Type: Firebrick

Description: Brand name impressed into the face.

Deposits: Lammers Pit in Cheltenham formation clay, S. of Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri; Pit No. 4 in Cheltenham formation clay, Audrain County, Missouri.

Comments: Probably imported to California from Missouri by the A. P. Green Fire Brick Company, which had a distribution office in San Francisco.

References: Gurcke, Karl, Bricks and Brickmaking, University of Idaho Press, 1987, p. 264; McQueen, H.S., Geology of the fire clay districts of East Central Missouri, Missouri Geological Survey, v. 28, 2nd series, 1943, p. 102 and 106.

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