marked face of the LAPBCo B firebrick
Donated by Brian F. Smith & Associates, Archaeologists

Brand Name: LAPBCo / B

Company: Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company.

Location: Cleveland and College Sts., Los Angeles, CA (1887-1916); Plant No. 4 at Alberhill, Riverside County, CA (1916-1926).

Operating Years: 1887-1926

Years Brick Made: 1898-1926

Type: Firebrick

Description: This brick was blackened from use, it was originally buff in color. The right end is broken off. Abbreviated company name impressed on the face with the letter B beneath the name in a shallow rectangular frog. Company abbreviation, which is missing, may be Co or CO. Round screw impressions visible.

Comments: For more information, see Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, Alberhill.

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