L.A.P.B.CO. / AA / S / C

Marked face of the L.A.P.B.CO. AA S C firebrick
Photo courtesy of Gerardo Lopez

Brand Name: L.A.P.B.CO. / AA / S / C

Company: Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company.

Brickyard Location: Plant No. 4 at Alberhill, Riverside County, CA.

Operating Years: 1916-1926

Years Brick Made: 1916-1926

Type: Special-shape cupola (circle) block

Description: On the first line, abbreviated company name impressed within a shallow rectangular name plate outline. On the second line "AA" in a shallow rectangular name plate outline and probably represents the double A brand high alumina content. On the third line is "S," which probably indicates Special Shape. On the fourth line is "C" in a serif style letter that may stand for Cupola. This is a circle block used to form a circular wall of a cupola furnace in iron foundries. Block measures 8 to 7 1/2 inches by 4 3/4 and is 6 inches thick.

Comments: For more information, see Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, Alberhill.

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