LAB co. / 2-W

marked face of the LABCo 2-W firebrick

marked face of the LABCo 2-W firebrick
Photo courtesy of Candy and Bill Riley

Brand Name: LAB co. / 2-W

Company: Los Angeles Brick Company (1921), Los Angeles Brick and Clay Products Company (1936)

Brickyard Location: Alberhill, Riverside County, CA.

Operating Years: 1925-1963

Years Brick Made: 1926-1936

Type: Face Brick

Description: Appears to be wire-cut. May be wedged shape. Abbreviated company name impressed on the face with 2-W impressed beneath it inside a rectangular frog. Note the variations in the two examples with the lettering style, periods, the placement of the "co", and the frogs.

Comments: For more information, see under "Brickmakers" the Los Angeles Brick Company Plant No. 4, Alberhill, Riverside County.

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