Marked face of the IBCo firebrick

Brand name: IBCo<>

Company: Illinois Brick Company.

Location: Illinois.

Years: 1900 - prior to 1938 (company active)

Type: Common brick

Description: Brand name is showing as "BCo<>" in recessed letters on the face. The letter "I" is truncated from the left side. A complete print would show "IBCo<>". The letters are widely spaced and faint. Imprinting by a roller not synched to the cutter created many truncated versions of the name and logo, such as "Co<>I", "o<>IB", "<>IBC", "IBCo". This brick is smaller than standard size.

Comments: Illinois Brick Company was an agglomeration of 36 brickyards in 1900.

References: Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society, Illinois Brick Co., (accessed May 23, 2014).

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