marked side of the Hazard commemorative brick

marked face of the Hazard commemorative brick
Photographs courtesy of George L. Kennedy

Brand Name: Side mark: R.E. HAZARD / CONTR. CO. Face mark: 1926 / 50TH / 1976

Company: Mission Valley Brick Co., Inc. (aka Hazard Products, Inc.)

Brickyard Location: 7501 Friars Road, Mission Valley, San Diego County, CA.

Operating Years: 1955-early 1980s

Years Brick Made: 1976 for brick shown, similar unmarked brick from 1956 to early 1980s

Type: Wire-cut common brick

Description: This is a commemorative brick made specially for the 50th anniversary of the R.E. Hazard Contracting Company, which had built most of the highways in San Diego County. The Hazard Products, Inc. and Mission Valley Brick Company, Inc., were subsidiary companies that made concrete block and clay brick, respectively, at their plants in Mission Valley. Mission Valley Brick Company did not usually brand their brick. On this commemorative brick, one side has recessed block letters of R.E. HAZARD on the first line and CONTR. CO. on the second line. On one face are recessed block letters of 1926 on the first line, 50TH on the second line, and 1976 on the third line, with each consecutive line offset to right of one another.

Comments: For more information, see under "Brickmakers" the Mission Valley Brick Company, Inc.

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