Marked face of the HANNINGTON firebrick

Brand name: HANNINGTON

Company: Hannington and Company (George and Mary Hannington)

Location: Swalwell

Years: 1846-1887+ (company active)

Type: Firebrick

Description: Brand name impressed on the face. The brick is buff in color and has a coating of melted brown slag. The clay property at Swalwell was leased to Hannington in 1846 by Sir Thomas John Clavering of Axwell Park and Greencroft, Baronet, for a term of 21 years. This lease may have been extended as Mary Hannington was manufacturing firebricks at the property in 1883 and as late as 1887.

Reference: Kelly's Directory of Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, North and South Shields, and Suburbs, London, Kelly and Company, 1883; Greenvalley, Hanningtons in Durham, RootChat.Com, 2 August 2007; The Monthly Chronicle of North-Country Lore and Legend, v. 1, no. 1, March 1887.

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