G. McB. &. Co. / LINCOLN, CAL.

Marked face of the Gladding McBean Lincoln, Cal white enamel brick

Brand Name: G. McB. &. Co. / LINCOLN, CAL.

Company: Gladding, McBean and Co.

Brickyard Location: Lincoln, Placer County, California

Operating Years: 1875-present

Years Brick Made: 1899-1906+?

Type: White enameled brick

Description: Left half of brick is missing. One side has a coat of white enamel. Both faces have deep rectangular frogs with smooth concave sides. One of the frogs has recessed letters on two lines. On the first line, company name is abbreviated "G. McB. &. Co." On the second line, is "LINCOLN, CAL."

Comments: For more information, see under "Brickmakers" the Gladding, McBean and Company, Lincoln

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