Marked face of the Flint L firebrick

Brand Name: FLINT L

Company: Gladding, McBean and Co.?

Brickyard Location: Los Angeles or South Gate, Los Angeles County, California?

Operating Years: 1926-1950s?

Years Brick Made: ?

Type: Ladle Firebrick

Description: Brand name FLINT L impressed on the face in repetition.

Comments: The maker of this brick is queried. Gladding McBean and Company had a brand called FLINT L made at their plants in Los Angeles, however it is not certain if the brick shown on this page is theirs. This brick was found in the San Francisco area. It differs in marking style, composition, and process from their known Flint brick, so there is a possibility that this particular brick may not be from Gladding McBean. Additional research is needed for verification, but I will display it here for those who may be able to verify or correct the information. For more information about Gladding McBean and Company Flint firebricks, see under "Brickmakers" the Gladding McBean and Company, Alberhill.

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