Marked face of the FLAME/CANADA firebrick
Photo courtesy of Jeff Swayze

Brand name: FLAME/CANADA

Company: Clayburn Industries Ltd.

Location: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Years: 1949-2011 (brick made)

Type: Firebrick

Description: Firebrick with brand name in a rounded rectangular name plate impressed into the face.

Comments: The firebrick shown was made about 1968 and used in a fireplace in a Washington home. Clayburn ceased manufacturing firebrick in July 2011 with the closure of the Abbotsford plant.

References:,, accessed 5 Feb 2014; Clayburn to permanently close Abbotsford manufacturing plant in July, Abbotsford News, March 29, 2011,, accessed 5 Feb 2014; Gurcke, Karl, written communication per Frank Korvemaker, 2012; Jeff Swayze, written communications, 2014.

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