Marked face of the Dickey Tesla firebrick
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Company: W.S. Dickey Clay Manufacturing Co. Plant 19

Brickyard Location: Livermore, Alameda County, CA

Operating Years: 1917-1936

Years Brick Made: 1923

Type: Firebrick

Description: Brand name impressed into face, recessed block letters on a slightly raised long and narrow name plate with rounded ends centered near the bottom on a face with another blank name plate centered near the top of the same face.

Comments: This brand name was applied to a small run of test bricks made at the W. S. Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company's plant in Livermore in 1923. The evidence for this comes from two reports about Tesla clay being used in 1923 and another firebrick made at this plant called "Premier" which has the same size and style of font on the same name plate as the Dickey-Tesla brick. I'm aware of only two of these bricks, one found in Livermore and another in Martinez, indicating that some of these bricks were shipped out of town. This plant was formerly operated by the Livermore Fire Brick Company, established in 1910. I thank Art Hull and Garry Rodrigue of Livermore for helping me with this research. For more information, see under "Brickmakers" the W. S. Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company, Plant No. 19, Livermore.

View of Livermore Fire Brick Works
Plant of the Livermore Fire Brick Works, Livermore, CA.
From Oakland Tribune Annual Year Book, 1923.

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