Marked face of the BUTE firebrick
Photo courtesy of James Salata.

Brand name:

Company: Marquis of Bute

Location: Garesfield Collieries, High Spen, near Rowlands Gill in the Derwent Valley, a tributary of the River Tyne, approximately 10 miles SW of Newscastle, England.

Years: 1906-1907 (brick made)

Type: Firebrick

Description: Owner's name "BUTE" impressed into the face. Buff.

Comments: Brick from the collection of James Salata. The brick was probably imported from England in 1906 or 1907. Thanks to Arthur Brickman for verification of this firebrick and location information.

References: Salata, James, pers. comm., 2005; Arthur Brickman, written communications, 2013.

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