ARCH LOCK / 224 / PATD. 10 10 22

Marked face of the ARCHLOCK / 224 / PATD. 10 10 22 firebrick
Photo courtesy of James Freedner.

Brand name: ARCHLOCK / 224 / PATD. 10 10 22

Company: American Arch Co.

Location: New York or Fulton, Missouri.

Years: 1921-1923 (brick made)

Type: Firebrick

Description: Brand name impressed into the face. ARCHLOCK is on the first line. 224 is between two large round lugs on the second line. PATD. 10 10 22 is on the third line. If present, A.A.CO. is on the right edge normal to the other marks. From the collection of James Freedner.

References: Gurcke, Karl, Bricks and Brickmaking, University of Idaho Press, 1987, p. 200-201; Graves, Jim, Brick Brands of the United States, 2003.

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