Marked face of the 9-78 rotary kiln block
Photo courtesy of Joe and Michelle Pedroni

Brand Name: 9-78 / STOCKTON FIRE

Company: Stockton Fire Brick Company

Brickyard Location: Stockton, San Joaquin County, CA

Operating Years: 1920-1932

Years Brick Made: 1920-1932

Type: 9-inch rotary kiln block

Description: Block number is impressed on the first line and the company name is impressed on the second line on the face of the rotary kiln block. "9-78" represents 9-inch blocks used to line a rotary kiln with an inside diameter of 78 inches. The bottom part of the block is broken off.

Comments: For more information, see under "Brickmakers" the Stockton Fire Brick Company.

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