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This is about California bricks, California brickmakers, and their history. My initial interest in bricks began when I found a salmon firebrick with the brand name "Carnegie" stamped into its face. This brick was made at the Carnegie brick works in San Joaquin County, California, and the clay came from the Tesla coal mines in Alameda County. Over the years, other bricks stamped with brand names were added to my collection. Many of the bricks were given to me by friends and relatives who enjoyed finding bricks for me. The fun part was researching the old bricks and learning their history. On these pages I'll share with you my California brick collection and some of the history that I have discovered along the way. I want to thank all of those generous folks who have contributed samples, information, or photographs for use on this site. Special thanks to George L. Kennedy who has volunteered to help edit the pages on this website. It has become quite a community project. Hope this site will be helpful to brick collectors, historians, and archaeologists who are looking for more information about bricks. Enjoy! - Dan Mosier.


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Mosier, Dan L., California Bricks, 2001, (accessed put-date-here).

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